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Your gift can be as unique as you are!

Your gift can be as unique as you are!

Your gift can be as unique as you are! Your gift can be as unique as you are!

Please look around and see some of my previous work


If you would like a piece of art work;

My style is unique. If you are drawn to the medium of glass then please take a look around.   My art is made with a specialty glass called system 96.  This is a fancy way of saying my art work is made from a glass that will never fade and when melted in the kiln will adhere to itself. Most pieces have undergone several kiln firings to create a 3-D effect.  


Most of my work looks best in a window, sliding glass door or mirror

Decide where you would like to put the art piece-my sun catchers hang well with clear command strips.  Larger pieces will look stunning near any light source or hanging on a wall.


Don't hesitate to contact me

I will respond to your email within 24 hours and  can help you with creative ideas for your gift!

How is this made?

It's in the details!


This is a close up of the above piece of art


Pieces of glass are cut by myself using a tool (not a machine or drill) that breaks the glass into the piece needed for my design.

For thiner glass I use a torch to create additional textures and shapes. 

What's next?


Each of my designs are fired in my kiln several times to achieve a 3-D effect.  Temperatures at each firing range from 1250-1500 degrees!

Price List

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Since all  my artwork is custom made, please give me 2-3 weeks to create an original piece of art.

Thanks! Tennessee Glass Art